New Help against Back pain? The Benefits of Mindinsole

17 Jul

New Help against Back pain? The Benefits of Mindinsole


MindinsoleMindinsole is a brand-new product that can help alleviate back pain in a simple and easy way. These clever massaging, orthopaedic insoles work on 407 pressure points across the sole, using a combination of bumps or acupoints, and seven cooling magnets. Of these acupoints, 270 help improve circulation whilst 120 are for sheer soothing and massage. There are also 12 larger acupoints built-in to support your foot’s arch.

order MindinsoleMindinsole insoles don’t just help alleviate back pain, but can help with a range of other physical and emotional ailments whilst ensuring optimum comfort. Incorporating ancient Asiatic practices for back pain such as reflexology, with modern principles and knowledge of blood circulation and pressure points, these massaging insoles have already proved to be a huge success with those who have given them a go.


Back Pain – Causes and Solution with Mindinsole

Back Pain is said to affect up to 15% of the population at any one time and is one of the main reasons for UK GP visits. Back Pain is also a major cause of disability and lost working days. It also happens to be one of the hardest problems to treat, with much back pain difficult to get to the root of. Doctors often call this ‘non-specific’ back pain. Often back pain is a complicated and personal experience, which rarely feels the same as another person’s. Some diagnosable back pain can be caused by Sciatica (sometimes known as Radicular Back Pain), an inflammation of the Sciatic nerve which starts on your lower back and ends on your heel. Other back pain is less easy to diagnose and may be felt in the lower back, the upper back and shoulders, the spine or the hips. Some back pain is an Axial Pain, caused by a muscle injury or illness, which can come and go and vary in intensity. Some back pain in referred from other areas, again making diagnosis difficult.

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Back pain can be caused by a number of factors including physical stress, mental stress, poor digestion, bad circulation, a poor posture, genetics, age, muscle injury and nerve injury or inflammation. Before first use of Mindinsole, many users question how a pair of massaging insoles can affect what goes on further up the body in their backs? But the reality is that our backs and feet are intrinsically linked and many back problems we face can be treated simply by getting to the root of the problem, which often lies in our feet, or by placing pressure on the one of the many acupoints on the sole which relate to other areas of our bodies.


Mindinsole and Asiatic Healing Practices

The innovative Mindinsole massaging insoles have been inspired and built around the Ancient Asiatic healing principles of acupuncture and reflexology, as well as knowledge of the Chakras. According to Chinese traditional practices, the feet possess a number of pressure points, which are related to areas in the body, and by putting pressure on these points we can relieve symptoms in our backs, digestive system and elsewhere.
Mindinsole also incorporate knowledge of the chakras, energy channels discovered by Hindus and Buddhists, which are still used in Yogic practices today. The Five Cooling Magnets in the insoles send gentle magnetic waves through your chakras. These chakras include Personal Power, Body Functions and Energy.
These traditional and established principles are combined with scientific knowledge of the body to create Mindinsole; innovative orthopaedic insoles which can bring balance to your mind and body.

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Use of Mindinsole

Mindinsole orthopaedic insoles can be used by any body, designed for both adult males and females. Available in a selection of sizes, they can be trimmed to fit even the smallest of adult feet. They can be worn in a variety of shoes, including running shoes and walking boots.
Many users worry about how to clean the insoles and whether they are waterproof. The good news is that they can be easily removed from the shoe and cleaned in warm soapy water. They can also be transferred from shoe to shoe, which means you only need to buy one pair.
Rather than reacting to sore tired feet after the event, Mindinsole are continually soothing and massage your feet as you go, whether it’s dog walk, a mountain hike, a fitness class or a long shift at work.
Mindinsole are not only used for back pain and foot ache, but can improve blood circulation, aid digestion, boost energy by stimulating your adrenal reflex point (located in your foot arch) and decrease stress by stimulating your solar plexus reflex, which is connected to your central chakra.

Many users of Mindinsole have found them such a success that they have chosen to buy a pair as a gift for family or friends. Buying them for less online using a coupon/offer enables users to buy multiple pairs for themselves and their loved one.
Unlike prescription insoles for flat/spread foot problems, a Mindinsole purchase requires no prescription and yet they can alleviate the same symptoms, and many more.


Testimonials for Mindinsole


Tom, 45, a doctor from Manchester

“Having suffered chronical back pain for over 20 years, I was looking for a prescription-free, low cost solution, feeling that I had exhausted most other avenues. When a friend suggested Mindinsole, I thought why not? The low price meant it was certainly worth a go. Within just a few days I could feel an alleviation of my back pain. Within a few weeks my back pain had all but disappeared. My doctor, who had described by back pain as ‘non-specific’, can’t believe how much it has improved and has even started recommending Mindinsole to other patients!”

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Kathleen, 66, retired from London

“When I was recommended Mindinsole to improve foot pain, my main concern was the cost and the practicality. My feet hurt from working long shifts as a nurse, and I’d already been experimenting with cheap insoles claiming to prevent swollen and sore feet. Mindinsole outshone all other insoles once I gave them a go and they offered more than just an additional level of comfort, I also found that they improved my circulation, my feet were warmer in winter and I was less prone to pins and needles. The price point was also much lower than expected and when it came to the practically of using the soles, I was pleasantly surprised. I found them easy to cut to size, easy to wash (simply use warm water and a bit of soap) and also I’ve found them to be extremely durable, with no signs of wear or tear after a few months use already.”


Jon, 34, Security Service from Hastings

“My sciatic nerve regularly becomes inflamed and causes me severe, radial pain in my lower back. Having spent years on and off prescribed painkillers and using at-home heat and cold treatments I was desperate for a better solution. When I heard about Mindinsole I couldn’t believe that an insole could improve the sharp intense pain I often feel in my lower back, but miraculously my sciatica symptoms have lessened dramatically. I now where my Mindinsole every day and my sciatic nerve is slowly becoming less irritated and inflamed as time goes on. I continue to wear the insoles regardless as they reduce general pain in my feet and feel like an all-day massage. I also find wearing them for work reduces my stress levels too.”


Emily, 55, a veterinarian from Liverpool

As a vet, I need to deal with pain all the time, but it’s usually not my own. However, a few months ago, my life was turned upside down by a horrific episode of back pain. After giving a labrador an annual check up, I rose to hand the receipt to the owner, but froze half-way. My back felt like a rock, and I was immobilised for hours. After that, the pain just got worse and worse. Nothing worked, not even super-strength painkillers. Well, nothing worked until I added Mindinsole insoles to my work boots. Having found the Mindinsole sale online, I thought why not? I’m so happy I decided to buy a set of insoles, because they’ve worked wonders. In my experience, anyone with back pain can benefit from Euphoric Feet soles.


Seamus, 33, a roofer from Dublin

Working as a roofer is physically demanding if you’re totally healthy. As I discovered recently, its incredibly hard and dangerous if you have any amount of back pain. Last year I had a couple of leg injuries for various reasons. They might have contributed to my back pain, but nobody really knows. What’s certain is that a few months ago, I was in agony. I’ve never felt pain like it, and no medication could shift it. Fortunately, a mate had tried the Mindinsole system, and recommended it to me. I’ve bought him a few beers since then, because Mindinsole made a huge difference. At last, my back returned to normal and I could work in peace. Now I return to buy a new set of insoles every month, and I’d never be without them. Anyone with back pain should do the same.

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